Latest Travel Offers

You have access to exclusive, worldwide travels to racing and sports events. We’ve travelled with members in recent years to the Durban July, the Cape Met, the Breeders’ Cup in San Diego and the World Cup in Dubai. The US Masters is next on our list of bucket-list items.






Why Choose Us?

Ask yourself always: Has my travel designer or partner have any experience of the venue he is inviting me to? When you’re on board with the IRC, we offer you over 20 years of experience in sports travels around the world, including the USA, the UK, Dubai, South Africa and Singapore.

We’ve been the major sports events on the globe at least twice, we’re streetwise in all major cities, which enables us to serve you better! By the time you get on a plane with us, we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff and you can travel with knowing that you are in good hands! Your comfort and enjoyment is our prerogative; we love sharing the thrills we’ve experienced all over the planet with our valued clients.

Feedback From Customers

I really look forward to receiving the daily tips and reading the emails by their various contributors. I joined for the tips (never used a tipping site before) and of course they don’t all win, but I am well in profit, so much so that I decided to buy shares in a couple of horses as well. It’s also great to get the feedback from trainers and jockeys, not just when everything went right but also when things don’t. I intend on being a member for many years to come.

Staines Upon Thames

Neil Phillips

The new website is clear and easy to navigate. Full profit loss information is published so you know what your subscribing to. I will be swapping monthly for annual membership to change great value to outstanding value.

Chelmsford, Essex

David Peplow

I was skeptic at first, but I cannot fault (the IRCs) offers. I’m on the £199 membership and I truly do feel like a proper horse owner. I am well informed and I can actually speak to the trainers if I want.


“Bubba” Naidoo

I am a satisfied member. These guys try hard, they are open and easy to communicate with.


Wessel Marais

The IRC puts their money where their mouths are. I am impressed.