Absolutely Stunning Membership Offer!

There are no catches in the offer you see above, in our headline.  It’s 2022, we have a new website soon to launch, we are a growing international membership club and were excited about this New Year!

We’re offering you a three-month full membership of the IRC, at  £5 for the ENTIRE three month period, and an option to renew or cancel after that.


Our membership normally goes for an annual fee of £199 (to be increased to £249 in February), so this really is a phenomenal chance to join us and see what our club is all about!

Below, a list of (some of) our Club Members’ Benefits – consider again the value we’re offering today:

IRC Membership Welcoming Pack

When you join us on an annual membership, you’ll receive a welcoming pack including a £50 Fitzdares Betting Voucher, a £50 voucher from the Dry Aged Steak Company (steak delivered to your door), two guaranteed race meetings per year in the company of the IRC, and an IRC cap. This is in addition to all the other benefits listed on this page, and the camaraderie that goes with it! Note: Membership will be increased from £199 to £249 in February 2022. (The welcoming pack applies to annual subscriptions only!)

Special value travel offers

Your comfort and enjoyment are our sole prerogatives. We love sharing the thrills we’ve experienced all over the planet with our valued clients. We offer you over 20 years of experience in sports travels around the world, including the USA, the UK, Dubai, South Africa and Singapore. We’ve attended the major sports events on the globe at least twice, which enables us to serve you better! Customised packages to suit your travel needs in sports & leisure available.

IRC Premium Product Access

IRC Premium Product Access is an exclusive product portal offering exclusive offers at member-tailored rates. Our best sellers are from the Sir Ian Botham wine range and steak from Dry Aged Steak Company. Products and special discount offers are added from time to time.

Premium Entertainment Offers

We offer exclusive discount tickets to concerts and events, like Blondie, McFly, Ministry of Sound, Elton John and others at the O2 Arena, but not limited to that venue. Our contacts in sports and racing means that we are able to offer the best available seats at events like Wimbledon, Cheltenham, the FA Cup Final, Galway and Aintree.

Celeb/Charity Golf Days

Together, we make a difference. The IRC donates to various charities, including racing’s Injured Jockeys Fund, Action for A-T, co-sponsored charity Golf Days at selected, high-profile golf courses around the United Kingdom, supported by sports and mainstream celebrities and featuring give-aways, prizes and competitions. These days have yielded in excess of £40k for charities so far. You are invited to each of our over 100 golf days in 2022, details to be updated frequently in our ‘Events’ section.

Shadow Racehorse Ownership

You experience the full thrills of racehorse ownership of every one of the IRC’s 40+ horses in training in the UK, South Africa and Australia. You don’t earn a share of the prize monies earned, but you get full pre-and post-race information without paying towards stabling and training fees. Think about it, for just £199 per year (or the current GBP fiver special, you can go racing when our (your) horses run, with full access to owners’ privileges which will cost you much more than our subscription fee if you were to actually pay for horse and its fees.

Daily updates

You receive daily updates on our (your horses) when they become available. We use the instant Telegram system and include every bit of news that we receive from our trainers and jockeys. These include pre-training reports, stable reports, pre-race reports, post-race reports, video clips and soundbites. You get to know every horse intimately.

Racecourse visits/hospitality

Your exclusive days out with the IRC include parking, the best grandstand suites, or suites, available, easy access to food and beverages, discussion and advice for your betting day and visits by our trainers and jockeys. You will meet fellow members with the same love and enthusiasm for horses and racing, and you’ll love the interaction.

Parade ring access

As an IRC member you’ll have access to the parade ring when your horse is saddled and about to run. You are a part of the exciting build-up to the race/s, and you’re able to speak to your trainers and listen to the race instructions given to the jockey. See them circle, see the trainer give the jock a leg-up, and then share those final exciting few minutes before the race is off.

Stable tour/visits

Few things compare with an early morning out a big racing stable – everything from the drive, to the arrival, to your contact with horse, trainer and rider to your scrumptious breakfast after your visit is a beautiful experience which, aside from the joy and enjoyment, afford you an opportunity to understand the workings of a racing stable behind the scenes. You will come away surprised and enlightened and your overall knowledge of racing and training will improve.

Full racehorse share options

Your holdings can extend to full racehorse ownership via purchase of shares in IRC runners when they become available. We purchase yearlings and horses in training every year and make a proportion of shares available to you. We’ll send you a list of horses, with pedigrees and a forecast, so you can make an informed choice. No sales commissions are added, so investing with us costs you less. You are responsible for your share of all costs incurred for your horse/s including transport, registration, training fees, veterinary fees, etc. If you are a registered colour holder your name will be added as a partner to official race programmes, if you so choose. A bigger investment for this benefit, but the rewards are potentially higher and we’re always searching for a champion. Get involved!

Racehorse Aftercare

We pride ourselves on quality horse care. Our young horses are schooled and pre-trained at our Fiddlers Green Farm in South Africa or at top selected facilities in the UK or Australia. We do not desert our noble horses – we keep them in retirement at our own facilities or find them the best available homes and check on their progress and well-being. Some retire with new careers as jumpers in the care if leading jumpers on the circuit, others live out their days in beautiful surroundings, well looked-after.

Top class Sports & Racing Advice Service

If you fancy having a bet, our panel of sports and racing experts include some of the most acknowledged personalities in their fields. We publish our daily bets on a dedicated Telegram service, and we make our results available to see. We are realistic, we cannot tip every winner in town, but we focus on long-term profit through the consistency of our efforts, and we bring the latest inside info from a variety of sports, including golf, Formula 1, even darts, snooker and pool. Open-book policy, we tell you how to bet, and we record every bet. Our consistency shows a regular profit.

IRC Charity Poker evenings

In line with our commitment to serve and give, we arrange IRC Poker evenings throughout the year in which you can play and contribute. We always have an MC, celebrity attendance and a cash prize and trophy to the winners.

IRC Lunches

We are lifestylers, like you, and we absolutely love good cuisine and wine. We have IRC lunches every month, sometimes more than one, and you are always invited to join us for great food and great company. Plenty of fun, these – make sure you have the Uber App Loaded on your phones!

Exclusive Daily Newsletter

There are run-of-the-mill newsletters, and there are IRC newsletters. Ours is written by leading sports and general journalists, briefed to inform and entertain. Our letters open fire when they need to, go wacky for a good laugh at times, and teach life lessons at other times. They’re focused on sports and racing with a Q & A thrown into the mix every week, in tune with the sporting events and exclusive to the IRC. Try them, you will love them!



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