An iconic 356-1 Tipping Feat!

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An iconic 356-1 Tipping Feat!

THIS is not simply typical bragging, what we have to show today is an extraordinary tipping feat for IRC members at Scottsville on Sunday from IRC co-founder and leading tipster Joao Da Mata.
Look at the images below: The first is from our Members Area, where Da Mata advises a treble (Trixie) on Beckoning Beauty (10-1), High Velocity (13-2) and Native Tongue (6-4). “All very strong,” he tells members well before the start of the meeting. “I have done EW trixie and backed them individually.”



The other images show bets from our members, from a one pound to a 40 pound stakes, with corresponding returns! Lastly, a pic of our man of the moment, Joao Da Mata, and his assistant Aoife Wigzell, on a trip to South Africa a fortnight ago.




We’ve had two indifferent tipping weeks, but we ALWAYS bounce back for our members, because we’re en exclusive club in it for the long run! If you want guarantees, the say, go to Old Mutual.


We cannot guarantee this kind of success every day, of course we have our losers, but we have consistent good strike bets across the board that keep our members happy!


Go here to subscribe, for just a fiver!



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