Hall Of Fame Jockey Slams Whip Rules

Retired US Hall Of Fame rider Eddie Delahoussaye has critisized the new whip rules instituted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International RCI (ARCI), the umbrella organization of the official governing rule making bodies for professional horse and greyhound racing.

Delahoussaye said: “Those gamblers, if they see you’re not trying, they’ll just quit the game. They won’t bet. They are are going to leave, and we won’t have racing.”

US jockeys will be prohibited from using the riding crop more than two consecutive times before being required to wait three full strides in order to give the horse a chance to respond under an expanded model crop rule adopted by the RCI (ARCI) last week.

The modified rule tightens restrictions already in place but clearly says that any use of the crop to “urge” the horse must be limited. The new RCI Model Rule continues to rely upon the judgement of the Stewards as to when to impose sanctions, but is clear that using the crop more than two consecutive times or not waiting three full strides before reuse is to be regarded as a rule violation.

Delahoussaye said the whip restrictions are causing legitimate safety concerns. He wishes commissions would have gotten more input from active jockeys before enacting the new rules.

“They should have got the top riders, experienced riders like Mike Smith and John Velazquez, and have a meeting and let them dictate how it should be done,” said Delahoussaye.

“You don’t let people who never rode a horse dictate how it’s done. That’s like telling a vet how to do his job. Or tell a doctor how to do his job. Or tell a policeman, and you’ve never done it. I just don’t get it.”

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