Alex Frost, UK Tote Group.

IRC Q & A: Alex Frost, CEO of UK Tote Group

Alex Frost is the Chief Executive of the UK Tote Group. The organisation acquired the Tote in October 2019 with a mission to revitalise the 90-year old institution which offers pool betting on horseracing.

In the last two years the Tote has brought back the much-loved Ten to Follow fantasy game and introduced a number of innovations to make pool betting a very competitive offering, including Tote Guarantee which ensures the Tote will always match or exceed the bookmakers’ Starting Price on all winners.

Here is our Q&A with Alex Frost, courtesy of MICK GODDERIDGE.

1. Full name? Alexander Frost 

2. Date of Birth? 15th October 1975 

3. Steak or sushi? Steak 

4. Single malt or blended? Guinness

5. Fav Holiday Destination? Glorious Goodwood 

6. Which: BMW or Merc? Would rather save up for a yearling purchase

7. Who inspires you the most? My mum and dad who couldn’t be much closer after 50 years of being together. Both are a huge inspiration having always found a good balance in life and valued the more important things.  

8. Big night out or quiet night inA good night out after an (all too rare) winner

9. Left-handed or right-handed? Right-handed 

10. Most memorable day in your career so far?  The day we acquired the Tote – 16th October 2019 

11. If you could choose: Banking, breeding, owning horses or corporate involvement? Breeding – even though it leads to some tough days 

12. What annoys you most?  Rudeness 

13, Funniest person you have ever met? Most people in racing need a decent sense of humour to get through the tougher days. The sport has plenty.

14. What is your biggest phobia? Anything to do with horses getting injured is tough to take. 

15. Superstitions? 13 

16. Most embarrassing moment?  How long do you have? There have been far too many! 

17. Is Commingling an integral part of TOTE UK’s vision? Absolutely – our work with other pool betting operators and the members of the World Tote Association is central to growing pools, improving our offering to customers and ultimately returning more to racing. 

18. Will a diversified sports TOTE help to grow racing?

Our focus will always be on horseracing but pool betting offers a model that can be successful in different sports and we’ll listen to what our customers want.  

19. Are new, innovative racing bets a part of your future planning?

Innovation is crucial to everything we are doing. The Tote has often been a referred to as a sleeping giant but we hope we have the ideas and creativity to bring it to life, and it’s started well. 

20. Jumps racing or flat racing for you? I’m always ready for the jumps in November and post Punchestown anticipation for the flat is at fever pitch! 

21. Proudest Achievement? My four children. 

22. Proposed UK gambling laws: Your brief view? I believe we should create an environment where the gambling sector is encouraged to offer sports betting instead of online gaming. This would encourage bookmakers to go back to being bookmakers, and not continue to transition into gaming platforms which has generated the major concerns and criticism of the industry.

23. Ordinary folk or high-brow racing people? Ordinary racing folk for me!

24. Have we fully tapped the potential of racing syndicates or fractional ownership? We have started to but there is a lot more we can do and learn from other countries. 

25. Your star sign? Libra 

26. Bath or shower? A bath with sales catalogues and a decent form study 

27. Read or Netflix?  Always a good book. 

28. Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Probably the latter…but not too often. 

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