IRC Q&A: Barbara Kennedy

A family-run business with foundations laid

Barbara Kennedy, who along with her brother Wayne Badenhorst have a number of IRC horses in their care, including last Sunday’s winner Sikhulu, was born into racing with her dad being an ex-jockey and later course manager in Port Elizabeth.

“The old Arlington track was our ‘back yard’,” she tells, “and we spent every day at Yvette Bremner’s stables learning to ride and everything that racing had to offer. Here I fell in love with the horses and the bug had bitten!”

After matriculating in 2010 she started working for Bremner, where she met jockey Warren Kennedy and they starting dating. In 2014 she made the move to KZN with him, where she found the amazing opportunity to run top trainer Dean Kannemeyer’s satellite yard at Summerveld.

“We enjoyed a lot of success together and I learned so much from him. In 2019 I decided that training racehorses was something I wanted to do and give it try on my own. My brother and I went into partnership training. It was tough starting up and then being hit by covid, but we remained positive and our yard grew. I am lucky to have such great family support, we truly are a family-run business.”

Here is our Q & A with Barbara Kennedy.

  1. Full name? Barbara Crystal Kennedy
  2. Date of Birth? 21 Feb 1992
  3. Steak or sushi? Sushi
  4. Superstitions? Don’t walk through the winners box before your race.
  5. Fav Holiday Destination? Sun City
  6. Durban July or Cape Met? Durban July
  7. Who inspires you the most? My Husband, Warren (SA Champion Jockey 2019/20). Perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do.
  8. Big night out or quiet night in? Quiet night in
  9. One thing to make racing better for eyeryone? Would like to see more marketing and promote racing to the younger generation.
  10. Most memorable day in racing? Being part of the Kannemeyer team and winning the July with Power King in 2015.
  11. What annoys you most? When people are late for dinners/meetings etc.
  12. Funniest person on the racecourse? Definitely Michelle Tovey when shes on course. Always have a good laugh with her.
  13. What is your biggest phobia? I’m a real sissy when it comes to darkness. Yes, I’m afraid of the dark.
  14. Best horse trained so far? AJs Captain
  15. Most embarrassing moment? Probably my first ever post race interview. 🙈
  16. Colts or fillies? Colts
  17. Proudest Achievement? My kids.
  18. Economy or business class? Business
  19. Whips or no whips? Whips… used correctly.
  20. Separate or joint racing operators? Tough one, I would say separate…
  21. Your star sign? Pisces
  22. Bath or shower? Bath
  23. Read or Netflix? Netflix
  24. Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Ask for permission
  25. Nominate someone for our Q&A next? Bloodstock SA Ashley De Klerk

Two best young horses to watch this season:
Ajs Captain and Magic In Motion.

Chosen charity for readers to donate to:
Coastal Horse Care unit



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