Gary Bailey

IRC Q&A: Gary Bailey

An inspiration to football fans and others around the world

Gary Bailey is a Manchester United Legend, having played 375 first team games for the Red Devils in the late 70’s and 80’s, for England from 1979 to 1986 including the World cup in Mexico and lastly for South African glamour club Kaizer Chiefs.

Whilst playing football in Manchester, he studied part time and completed a Bsc in Physics, one of only a handful of players in English top flight history to do so while actively playing!

He followed his football career by becoming a TV presenter and host, mostly with Supersport (South Africa) for 25 years and currently with BeIN sports (Miami, USA) since 2014 – he also does colour commentaries for Spanish and French matches on BeIN sport and also for USL (USA 2nd Division).

Besides all that, he has also been a top speaker on the subject of “Success Under Pressure” and was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010.

Gary met his current wife Michelle Mclean (Miss Universe 1992) in 2010, married March 2013, and then emigrated in December 2013 to USA and currently lives on Miami Beach in Florida.

Here is our snap Q&A with Gary:

  1. Full name? Gary Richard Bailey
  2. Date of Birth? August 9th 1958
  3. Steak or sushi? Neither, I’m vegetarian
  4. Superstitions? None, but i follow what other people do so that I don’t upset them – comes from dealing with the Witchdoctor at Kaizer Chiefs
  5. Favourite holiday destination? Any safari in Southern Africa
  6. Which beer or wine? Castle Lager
  7. Who inspires you most? It’s still Nelson Mandela
  8. MUFC or AMAKHOSI – MUFC (Just)
  9. Left-handed or right-handed? Right
  10. Rolex or Breitling? Neither – time to move to Apple Watch
  11. What annoys you the most? Political and Religious discussions….because its never a discussion and always an argument
  12. What’s your party trick? Opening my beer bottle by using another beer bottle (I know it’s not the most exciting!)
  13. Funniest person you have ever met? Trevor Noah
  14. What hair gel do you use? None
  15. Favourite sport? Other than soccer……table tennis
  16. What is your biggest phobia? Claustrophobia
  17. Most embarrassing moment? Making a mistake with Manchester United in an FA cup final
  18. Dog or Cat? Dog
  19. Drive or chauffeur? Drive
  20. Professional goalkeeper or professional golfer – Golfer
  21. Golf handicap? 17
  22. Economy or Business class? Can’t justify the extra for business
  23. Your star sign? Leo
  24. Bath or shower? Shower
  25. Read or Netflix? Both
  26. Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Permission

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Charity: Can only be Michelle Mclean Childrens Trust! (

NEXT WEEK We Q&A Gary’s wife, Michelle McLean, former Miss Universe.


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