Jonny Gould.

IRC Q&A: Jonny Gould

Our readers love Jonny Gould’s columns, and we sent him our Q&A list so he could tell us more about himself.

Born in Africa, Jonny loves game shows. Bob Barker on “The Price is Right” shares his top-hero billing with Chelsea football club’s Peter Bonnetti. A single honours politics degree at the University of Durham, and a post-graduate course at the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts Drama School were all part of his master plan.

10 years treading the boards followed. It was fun, if rarely successful. “Sheena Queen of the Jungle” was described by Time Out as the “worst film in cinematography history,” yet Jonny still managed to be edited out of the final cut! With debt and bartending now dominating his career, a chance introduction in 1994 set him off on a whole new path.

His two years as the presenter/coordinator of Cable 17 Sport proved the big break for him. Going freelance in 1996 he presented sport on ITV Carlton’s London Tonight, before launching his love-affair with Five TV. As well as presenting Five’s Major League Baseball programme, Jonny has also fronted up other Five TV shows, including Live and Dangerous, Boxing Classics, Sir Steve Redgrave’s Golden Five Golf Tour and the Laureus World Sport Awards.


Jonny has also written a weekly baseball column in the Daily Mirror, done extensive corporate work as a presenter and facilitator, and been a horse-race commentator and auctioneer. He is unsurpassed as a humorous raiser of funds at charity auctions.

Here is our Q&A with Jonny Gould:

1. Full name? Jonathan Michael Gould

2. Date of birth? 29 July 1961.

3. Steak or Sushi? Curry!

4. Superstitions? Never wear Flares to your first dates!

5. Fav Holiday Destination? Mombasa.

6. Which: BMW or Merc? Neither. E-type Jag.

7. Who inspires you the most? Anyone with the honesty to acknowledge their failures, the humility to not trumpet their triumphs, and anyone who has suffered but not given up.

8. Big night out or quiet night in? Quiet night in.

9. Right or left-handed? Right-handed.

10. Best charity organisation worked with? I’ve done 25 years of charity auctioneering, 2,500 charity organisations, it’s hard to give one. But HAMBO, CRUK, Cure Parkinsons, NSPCC, love them all.

11. What annoys you the most? Arrogance, rudeness and calling baseball ‘Glorified Rounders’.

12. Most famous celebrity worked with? Spoilt rotten in the world of sport having worked with Sir Ian Botham, Jonny Wilkinson, Sir Steve Redgrave and Mike Tinndall who, but for a few train accidents, could be the next King Of England!

13. Who would you not want to work for as a MC again? Ooh, ouch. Sorry, my writing hand’s gone totally numb. But yes, Chris Sheasby, not enough room for our two egos in the same room.

14. Funniest person ever met? Johnny Maitland, my best mate – ITV, BCC and now a playwright and author, he’s done it all, a naturally funny man. He went on a radio station many years ago, we had a cricket tour and we needed to round up some extra cricketers for our tour. When asked by the presenter what sort of cricketers he was after, he replied ‘vertebraes with whites will do’. Legend.

15. Current projects? Radio Bath, IRC Newsletter (bi-monthly), the GP Ball tomorrow, auctioneering at charities.
16. Revival of TV career possible? Male, pale and stale… unlikely but I’ve never given up.

17. Most embarrassing moment? I was calling a race at Ngong Racecourse and called the wrong horse in the lead for all but the last 150m, it was my mate’s horse, in the same colours as the favourite. I had to come up with the line, ‘making up rapid late headway is the favourite’ – but everything knew I’d gotten it wrong.

18. If you had a choice: TV Presenting, Auctioneering, Sports Coach? Ego with TV presenting; heart with auctioneering, my libido with sports coach.

19. Best baseball game watched? In the 1997 World Series, Arizona vs Yankees. Game seven, Phoenix Arizona. Curt Shilling, Randy Johnson on the mound for Arizona – just the most exciting match. Their first World Series win ever beating the all-conquering and hot favourite, Yankees. The best game I’ve ever seen.

20. Most important thing/matter ever auctioned? Anything that makes a difference.

21. Proudest Achievement? As a man totally unspoilt by failure and having delved the depths of failure, my proudest is now, as a charity auctioneer, I am finally half-decent at something. Seriously though, my son Tommy!

22. Economy or Business Class? Business Class, if my client’s pay.

23. Most money ever raised as an auctioneer? I raised£11-million in one night in Dubai a month ago, £19-million in two nights, undoubtedly the most amazing two nights of my career.

24. Star sign? Leo.

25. Bath or Shower? Shower.

27. Read or Netflix? Netflix.

28. Golf Handicap? 20.

29. Favourite bet? Grand National, the straight forecast (Exacta) – only got it right once, loved it!

30. As for permission or forgiveness? Forgiveness.

Nominate someone for our Q&A Next?  Chris Sheasby.

Charity Of Choice: Marie Curie Nurses, in memory of my Dad.


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