IRC Q&A: Mollie Phillips

Enthusiastic and talented!

Likeable UK Apprentice Mollie Phillips is enjoying a good run of success. She recently rode out her 7lb claim at Brighton, and has ridden all but three of her 25 career winners for trainer Tony Carroll, including the IRC’s Winnetka at Leicester last week.

Carroll has always praised Mollie’s work ethic and enthusiasm, and we’ve seen this every time we have visited his stables and communicated with Mollie on the racetrack. She’s making excellent headway as a rider, is a good judge of pace and has a nice pair of hands.

Mollie loves having her family at the races. Other than that, she keeps a low and private personal profile, but she did let us know via mail that she was truly delighted for IRC members when Winnetka won for us at Leicester last week.

If you read Jonathan Quayle Higgins’ column last week, you’s also know that Mollie and Tony came up to the IRC’s private facility before the race last week and gave our members and guests confidence to have a bet.

Mollie is a thorough professional in the making, we’re hoping she can achieve the heights of Haley Turner, Hollie Doyle and others (no reason why not!) and we’ll be following her career with interest.

Here is our snap Q&A with Mollie Phillips:

  1. Full name? Mollie Phillips
  2. Date of Birth? 14th May 2001
  3. Steak or sushi? Steak
  4. Superstitions? Wear a necklace from my auntie that I hope brings me good luck.
  5. Fav Holiday Destination? Back in Wales a little sea side town called Amroth.
  6. Jockeys or football players? Jockeys.
  7. Who inspires you the most? Tanni Grey-Thompson, a gold medalist wheelchair racer.
  8. Big night out or quiet night in? Always a quite night in
  9. Left-handed or right-handed? Right handed
  10. Most memorable day in racing? First double at Bath races, my family were there.
  11. What annoys you most? Being stuck in traffic, which happens a lot.
  12. Funniest person in the weighing room? Laura Pearson
  13. What is your biggest phobia? Being late for the races
  14. Best horse ridden? Boom The Groom once rated 100.
  15. Most embarrassing moment? Falling off in front on the stands
  16. Colts or fillies? Fillies
  17. Proudest Achievement? Becoming a five pound claimer.
  18. Economy or business class? Economy
  19. Whips or no whips? Whips
  20. One thing to improve racing for everyone? To let people know that racing isn’t all about gambling. We do it for the love of the horses!
  21. Your star sign? Taurus
  22. Single or taken? Very single
  23. Bath or shower? Relaxing bath
  24. Read or Netflix? Has to be Netflix
  25. Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Ask for forgiveness
  26. Nominate someone for our Q&A next? Sarah Bowen, Tony Carroll’s amateur.

Chosen charity for readers to donate to: Injured Jockeys’ Fund.


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