Sir Ian Botham.

IRC Q&A: Sir Ian Botham

IRC Q and A

Affectionately known as “Beefy”, Sir Ian Botham remains to this day one of English cricket’s greatest ever all-rounders. In a Test career spanning 15 years, Botham played 102 matches, taking 383 wickets and scoring 5,200 runs.

A genius with both the bat and the ball, Botham was a legendary figure among a talented English team in the 1980s. He could both drive and hook the ball with tremendous power and his exceptionally safe pair of hands in the slips allowed him some 120 catches during his Test career.

In 2007, Botham was appointed a Knight Bachelor as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services not just to cricket but for his sustained efforts in raising money for Leukaemia research. Beefy went a step further in November 2020 when he was inducted to the house of Lords as Baron Botham of Ravensworth! Truly, Beefy is legend of English sport.

Beefy has a wide range of sporting interests outside cricket. He was a talented footballer at school and had to choose between cricket and football as a career. He chose cricket but, even so, he did play professional football for a few seasons and made eleven appearances in the Football League for Scunthorpe United. He is a keen golfer and his other pastimes include angling and shooting.

Beefy’s big passion is wine, he brought out his own range of wines and says: “A good wine must taste exceptional and offer good value for its price tag!” The business is developing and has also produced a Gin with a whiskey soon to be launched.

1.Full name? Ian Terence Botham
2. Date of Birth? 24/11/55
3. Steak or sushi? Sushi
4. Superstitions? Aways put left sock/shoe on first
5. Favourite holiday destination? New Zealand
6. Botham Red or White wine? Naturally both
7. Who inspires you the most? Jack Nicklaus
8. A night our or a night in? Enjoy both, depends on company
9. Left-handed or right-handed? Right-handed
10. Rolex or Breitling? IWC
11. What annoys you the most? Negativity
12. What’s your party trick? Don’t have one
13. Funniest person you have ever met? Greg Richie (Aussie Cricketer)
14. Kallis or Lara? Lara
15. Wales or England rugby? Wales
16. What is your biggest phobia? Snakes/sharks
17. Most embarrassing moment? Walking out to bat in Perth without a bat!
18. Dog or cat? Dog
19. Would you rather have played cricket in the 80’s or at present? ‘80s’
20. Jay-Z or Shania Twain? Who?
21. What is your golf handicap? 8.8
22. Economy or Business class? First – always turn left!
23. Your star sign? Saggitarius
24. Single or taken? Married
25. Bath or shower? Shower
26. Read or Netflix? Netflix
27. Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Permission

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Favourite Charity
Beefy’s Charity Foundation


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