Luke Ferraris almost set for Hong Kong career

“Ready to start his all-important Hong Kong stint”

South Africa’s multiple champion apprentice, Luke Ferraris, will be completing his 21-day period of quarantine in Hong Kong at midnight tonight, 19 August. He will be starting preparations for his first riding stint on the island this weekend. The new Hong Kong season starts on 5 September.

Luke hasn’t sat on a horse for about six weeks and he’s been stuck in the Crown Plaza Hotel for the required 21 days, but his commitment to his future and his dedication is as strong as ever and his father, trainer David Ferraris, said: “Luke has kept himself in top shape with a firm daily exercise routine. Of course it’s been a hard 21 days sitting in his hotel room with all the restrictions, but the Jockey Club arranged a special diet for him and he’s had a bicycle and a treadmill at his disposal. He’s worked hard. He’ll be riding fit in no time at all.”

Luke Ferraris.
Luke Ferraris.

Luke will be riding work for the first time on Saturday and also in trials to take place next Tuesday and David commented: “I hope to give him a few good rides as soon as the season starts so he can get off on the right footing, it’s important here. I gave Karis Teetan his first winner at his first meeting several years ago.”

Luke was born in South Africa but arrived in Hong King as a toddler, spending 15 odd years in the racing community before he returned to South Africa for his apprenticeship.  He knows all the jockeys, the trainers and the racing environment in Hong Kong and while his engagement with them will be professional and competitive this time, he’s a serious youngster with proven resolve and ambition who will make them know he has arrived.

At the tender age of 19, he’s already bagged five Grade 1 winners and a Triple Crown.

“I hope he gets a chance to show his worth in Hong Kong. Getting opportunities is vital here,” concluded David.

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