Mick Easterby with jockey Pay Cosgrave.

Mick Easterby wants to reach 100 years of age!

He has been training horses at Sheriff Hutton in North Yorkshire since the era of JFK and Harold Macmillan but, as he turns 90 on Tuesday, Mick Easterby is adamant he’s got more racing years in him yet.

“I expect to go on to 100,” said Easterby, who has trained 2,411 winners in a 60-year career and who will be represented at Wolverhampton on his big day by Bankawi.

Easterby was born two years after the Wall Street Crash and he believes a childhood dominated by first the Great Depression and then the war has stood him in good stead for surviving in an industry which has changed immeasurably during his working life.

Asked how he finds training now in comparison to when he started, Easterby said: “It’s all right, I’m very good at adjusting. That is why I’ve got to 90. I was brought up to do without and to adjust to anything.”

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PIC: Mick Easterby with jockey Pay Cosgrave. (Sky Sports).

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