Aoife Wigzell and iMick Godderidge at York.

New friends and members at Ascot and York

We’ve enjoyed a good fortnight of IRC promotions around the UK focused, in the racing front, on respective meetings at Ascot and York.

Scott Ellis and Mick Godderidge entertained some existing and new clients at Ascot on Saturday, 7 May and Aoife Wigzell and Andrew Struthers joined our team at York last Friday.

It’s always nice to meet new people, even better when they’re new members. We were pleased to have Lilette and Rashid Ebrahimkhan in a private suite on the Ascot grandstand in which they enjoyed what is always revered at Ascot – exclusive quality, good food, good ambience and good racing – even on an ordinary card.

Lilette’s has always dreamed of going to Royal Ascot, being at this Ascot meeting was still a big experience for her and Rashid, and Mick managed to arrange access to the parade ring, something you can’t buy at Royal Ascot but with a few arms twisted we managed it at this meeting.

A part of Joao Da Mata’s vision has always been to bring racing fans as close to the real deal as possible because we believe that most individuals who go racing for the first time, and enjoy a good experience, will be hooked for life. Similarly there are die-hard fans who’ve never had a real opportunity to race from a suite or meet personalities behind the scenes, something we’ve made available to our members.

ASCOT EXPERIENCE: Lilette’s got her paddock pic, thanks Scott and Mick!

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