Of Rooibos Tea, Pistachio Nuts and Avoiding Drains

IRC Q & A: Jockey Daniel Muscutt


Headline photo: Daniel Muscutt.

1: Full Name? Daniel Paul Muscutt

2: Date Of Birth? 15th July 1995

3: Sushi or Steak? Sushi

4: Mood after no winners at a meeting? It depends if I thought I should have won on one that I didn’t, I’d be frustrated but by the time I’ve got half an hour down the road that subsides. I wouldn’t spend hours agonising over things that can’t be changed, I’d watch the replay once or twice, work out what I’d do differently given a second chance and then draw a line under it and move on. I find it helpful not to bring any negativity home with me if I can help it.

5: How do you celebrate a winner? With racing in the UK being 7 days a week you’d rarely get a chance to let your hair down so to speak. Win lose or draw, I always look forward to a Rooibos tea and a couple of handfuls of pistachio nuts when I get home.

6: Superstitions? I always salute magpies and avoid walking over drains at all cost.

7: Fav Holiday Destinations? My obvious first choice would be anywhere in South Africa, probably Durban or Cape Town. My partner and I went to Jamaica last year before Covid got out of control, we loved it there so hopefully we can get back there in the future.

8: Beer or Wine? Neither

9: Would you rather be a Jockey or a Pop Star? I’d have a crack at being a country singer maybe , Garth Brooks or Chris Stapleton preferably. But since I can neither sing or grow a beard, I’ll have to stick to riding horses.

10: How many miles you do a year? 45k/50k (miles)

11: Who you look up to? I idolise my father, Peter Muscutt. What he doesn’t know about horses, racing and life isn’t worth knowing. Despite that he still has a constant thirst to learn and see more which is inspiring. He’s always great for advice regardless of the situation which is a real asset to me.

12: Left handed or right handed? Right handed

13: Rolex or Breitling? No contest, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona – like Paul Newman

14: Best Horse you have ever seen? I’ve been fortunate to witness both Winx and Frankel in the flesh. Both were supreme athletes and would make the hairs on your neck stand up just walking past you.

15: What hair Gel do you use? Moose wax

16: Fav Football Team? Man Utd I guess, but I’m not really a football fanatic

17: Fav Sport? I’d watch anything Rugby, NFL or Formula 1. Thankfully they’re seasons don’t run side by side so there’s never a clash

18: Worst Ever curse by a trainer? I won’t name names but I did get pulled off one on the way back to unsaddling enclosure. I was still an apprentice at the time but I can look back and laugh at it now.

19: Best Sweatbox Prank? Pranking a sweating jockey isn’t advised, but it can be funny to discreetly rest your foot on the scales when they go to check their weight after to find they’ve gained 2llb rather than lost it. The shocked expression only lasts a few seconds till you get rumbled but it’s good for a giggle.20: Funniest Weighing room colleague? There’s rarely a laugh or a funny jibe far away when Adam Kirby is around.

21: Who do you like to see ranging up to you in a finish because you know you just have their measure? I don’t worry about who it is I’d rather just keep my head down and drive on, a couple milliseconds thinking who your challenger might be, might cost you a pixel in a photo finish.

22: Your star sign? Cancer

23: Single or Taken? Taken

24: Stick or Hands and Heels? Hands and Heels, especially on a filly or an inexperienced horse

25: Bath or Shower? Bath

26: Read or Netflix? I Love a decent sports autobiography

27: Ask for forgiveness or ask for permission? That’s a tough one, I’d say permission first and foremost.

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