Own a share in two racehorses for just £88!

(R2,000 per share to South Africans)

We at the International Racing Club (IRC) are going shopping again. The IRC plans to purchase 2 horses in the month of April – one in the UK (raced) and one in South Africa, unraced.


Shares are going at £88 per share (1,000 total shares), with all costs up to and including 30th April 2022, and covers BOTH horses. The costs include training fees, registrations, veterinary fees, travel and race nomination fees. The fee for South Africans is a flat R2,000 per share.


DON’T fall for other “offers” out there at a similar price as they are in effect offering you just 0.002% of a share.


Ours is an ‘all-in’ offer – NOT marked-up for profit. Our aim is introducing new owners to the exciting world of horse racing, and to promote and extend our growing brand. Come along for the ride, your share brings to you into an exclusive domain which includes stable visits, race days, communication about the progress of your horse, meeting trainers and jockeys, and more. It’s the champagne life!


Oh, and if you purchase more than 10 shares we’ll throw in a year’s membership to our Exclusive Members Club, where you’ll receive the best racing and sports info on the planet as well as premium access to a variety of products and entertainment offers.


Mail pa2joaodamata@gmail.com or info@fairlawncleaning.com. Leave your phone number so we can be in touch via mobile.


We make this process easy… it’s up to you to secure these very affordable shares and we will do the rest. There is no catch!

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