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We offer exclusive discount tickets to concerts and events, like Blondie, McFly, Ministry of Sound, Elton John and others at the O2 Arena. Our wonderful meat offer from the 'Dry Aged' Steak company comes delivered to your door, with extras, and we've made Sir Ian Botham's range of wines available at dicount prices.






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We are an exclusive portal to all forms of leisure and entertainment. We give you access to life’s exquisite and most rewarding experiences at affordable, member-tailored rates. These include hard-to-acquire tickets to Sporting Cup Finals, VIP tickets at the O2, Local Racing Extravaganzas incl. Cheltenham, International Racing events, Last night at the Proms tickets for Mum & Dad's Anniversary, and more. Bespoke offers to members via Telegram.

Feedback From Customers

I really look forward to receiving the daily tips and reading the emails by their various contributors. I joined for the tips (never used a tipping site before) and of course they don’t all win, but I am well in profit, so much so that I decided to buy shares in a couple of horses as well. It’s also great to get the feedback from trainers and jockeys, not just when everything went right but also when things don’t. I intend on being a member for many years to come.

Staines Upon Thames

Neil Phillips

The new website is clear and easy to navigate. Full profit loss information is published so you know what your subscribing to. I will be swapping monthly for annual membership to change great value to outstanding value.

Chelmsford, Essex

David Peplow

I was skeptic at first, but I cannot fault (the IRCs) offers. I’m on the £199 membership and I truly do feel like a proper horse owner. I am well informed and I can actually speak to the trainers if I want.


“Bubba” Naidoo

I am a satisfied member. These guys try hard, they are open and easy to communicate with.


Wessel Marais

The IRC puts their money where their mouths are. I am impressed.



I became and IRC member at their Pool Competition in Leicester. I am enjoying the world of horses, never knew much before. And I am betting more, not sure if that’s a good thing but it’s fun for sure!



The IRC newsletters are pieces of brilliance!


James Goodman

We had an excellent time at the races, thanks , just on way back now. Tony Carroll great guy and we were well looked after.

Steve Ellis

Thanks for your newsletters, they are often tongue in cheek, good for a serious world

Kent, Connecticut

Brady Paulson

I really enjoy the Kangaroo Jack columns!


Piere Strydom

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