The proof is in the pudding!

Does your tipster give you a profit/loss report?

The one question always asked when we promote our service on social media is, “Show Us Your Results!” And we can!
The graph below details the performance of IRC tipsters (sports and racing) for the months January 2021 to March 2022 – reflected in points – earlier months are available on request. The blue bars show the performance of IRC Premium Service, the red bars reflect the IRC’s Best Of The Rest, where we supply higher-priced recommendations. As you’ll see, we’ve had winning (above line) and losing months (below line), but our consistency is the key to success. Our Premium Service shows a loss for the year so far, though we’ve had a few good strikes, but our Best Of The Rest has been consistently excellent with a sizeable profit. The Premium Service shows a first-quarter profit and is well on its way to an overall profit this year.

“At £83 a month or £799 a year tie this in with all the other benefits its a no brainer”

Gary Davies

The Gauges show our progress on the points scale for the year, calculated on monthly profit minus monthly loss for January 2021 – March 2022, with ‘Best Of The Rest’ tips well ahead of ‘IRC Premium’ at this stage, but we’re tightening up on the Premium Side to get back above the line where it has consistently been over the last few years. Premium has recovered nicely for a first-quarter profit this year, overall we’re nicely in the positive, for the period.

The graphs above represent the International Racing Club’s Members’ Racing & Sports Tipping Services.

We place what we consider our best bets in our Premium Section, and our value bets, or sometimes longer-priced bets, go into our Best Of The Rest Section. We skip days when we feel don’t feel confident enough to suggest any bets, or when we can’t verify information received.

The bets are based on a points system, where one point equals a level stake of one pound. In other words, if we recommend a two-point bet, we recommend you play twice your usual level stake, e.g. 2 x £1 or 2 x £2 or 2 x £5, and so on
We calculate profits and losses every day on this point system. Say, for example, we tipped two winners at a one point stake, we calculate the winner’s starting price x one point, so 2-1 gives us a 2-point profit for that bet.