Redoute's Choice.

Pursuing high standards

We have tried at length to get racing presenters around South Africa to pronounce the name of leading stallion ‘Querari’ correct. But nobody cares. They pronounce Querari, as ‘Kwaa-Ri’ or ‘Ke-Waari’ and they don’t give a continental.

Are we going on about trivial things? No. When you’re committed to excellence, as an individual or a TV channel, you have to get the small things right, like spelling and pronunciation, before the bigger things can work.

On the subject of ‘Poetic Force’, musician, author and poet TONY RIDGWAY, an IRC reader, submitted the following:

A bit of useless information for those who may care:

Australians spell beer “XXXX.” They can’t (kaaant) pronounce their words (in English) properly.

And since LGBTIQ they don’t know their Bruces from their Sheilas. But WAIT. I’m only taking a vernacular dig at a country of great success and ept.

As I do, back home, at Seffricuns.

Some Seffricuns have Oz horsies.

And ars versa.

There are several horses in SA currently, relatives of the great Australian stallion, Redouté’s Choice. A champion racehorse on the tracks. A son of Danehill. Born in the Australian gee gee mecca of Segenhoe Valley, Arrowdale.

His name is what I like, and the reason for this article…

Redouté’s Choice.

Let’s look at those two words. “Choice” is a no brainer. It is the range of different things from which a being can choose.

BUT the three-syllabled first word is the word for discussion, here.


Firstly, let me give you all the proper, correct, accurate, pronunciation of the name:
It’s rare-doo-tay. Yes. It’s not redoubt or reedoot. That simply shows ignorance, and a reluctance to look up a name. Which is a bane amongst most of our presenters, race callers, and even some breeders and owners. 

Redouté was a Belgian Master (painter and botanist), known best for his watercolours of roses in the 1800s. 

His full name was Pierre-Joseph Redouté, and his works are known and loved worldwide. 

So, as the world of sport often overlooks the traditional, the arcane, there are still some of us out there who care for things like, how did a horse get its name? And what does the name mean? 

And, how do you pronounce it?  – IRC.

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