Schalk Brits Q&A

Popular on and off the rugby field, Schalk Brits was a tremendous player into his late 30s, mostly at hooker, Brits was selected to play for the triumphant South Africans in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, aged 38. He was named captain in their match against Namibia, playing out of position as an eighth man, and also scored a try in the match. He was a formidable member of the squad, in which his experience and support of younger players made a huge difference.

Here is a snap Q&A with Schalk, who spoke to JOAO DA MATA.

1: Full Name
Schalk Burger Brits

2: Date Of Birth
16 May 1981

3: Sushi or Steak?

4: Mood after losing a game?
Enjoy a whiskey and reflect.

5: How did you celebrate the 2019 World Championship?
Loads and loads of celebrating with the teammates, family and friends. Didn’t sleep for a couple of days.

6: Superstitions?

7: Favourite Holiday Destination
Can’t choose: Honeymoon and Skiing in Chamonix.

Bucket list:
Golf tour, West Coast of USA.

8: Beer or Wine

9: Would you rather be a Rugby or a Pop Star?
Pro golfer/ rugby player

10: How many miles do you do a year?
5000 to 8000 miles mostly to different golf courses.

11: Who do you look up to?
My parents and a couple of mentors.

12: Left- or right handed?
Write, bowl, bat, tennis left-handed, but I play golf right handed and kick with my right foot.

13: Rolex or Breitling?
Rolex, Personally I love Panerai

14: Most Points you ever scored in a match?

15: What hair Gel do you use?
I use wax. Not must hair left!

16: Favourite Rugby Team?
Springboks, Saracens, Bulls

17: Favourite Sport?
Golf18: Worst Ever Round of Golf and where?
Fancourt links, black tees, 96 (score, not year).

19: Best Prank you ever pulled?
Ordering a pizza for the fatties in our team who tried to lose weight.

20: Funniest person in Rugby you have met?
Jean de Villiers.

21: Fishing or Hunting?

22: Your star sign?
Taurus ♉️

23: Single or Taken?
Taken, married for 10 years.

24: Pavarotti or Eminem?

25: Bath or Shower?

26: Read or Netflix?
Should read more but I watch more Netflix

27: Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?
Ask for forgiveness.

28: What now after Rugby?
Working for Remgro, the investment holding company. Studied accountancy.

29 Players to watch in the Next Springbok team?
1: Cheslin Kolbe
2: RG Snyman

Charity of Choice:
The Laureus Sport For Good Foundation
As per their motto: “Using the power of sport as a tool for social change”. Their goal is to help young people overcome the limitations imposed by challenging social issues including poverty, homelessness, war, violence, drug abuse, discrimination and AIDS.

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