The amazing Silvano!

Two amazing snaps of retired super stallion Silvano and his handler Max, by Andrew Bon.

“Max posed like this to show Silvano’s wonderful nature, he’s as meek as a lamb, you can put a baby between his legs,” reported Bon.



Silvano (Lomitas), the multiple South African Champion Sire, was schooled as a youngster by Monty Roberts and has kept his calm, gentle way throughout his life. He was even gentle with the mares he covered and that, for anyone who has seen a ready stallion on duty, is a rare trait in itself!

Silvano, still in great shape at 24, is loving his life at Maine Chance Farms in Robertson, Western Cape, under the watchful eye of Tim Bootsma, Stud Manager.

(Don’t try this with your horse!)

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  1. I do not know, one other stallion, with this complete temperament. It is simply beautiful to behold. There may well be others, but i have never met one yet.

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