The intimate correlation between betting and golf!


Welcome to the first IRC Newsletter for 2020.  Actually, it’s the first official letter ever to our members, aside from the notices we’ve sent out, and we’ll publish it weekly from now on. Please participate, send us your contributions to We’d like to hear from you, your betting strategies, your sports tips and your humorous betting jewels. Feel free.

As our members will know, the IRC suffered two, shall we say, indifferent tipping weeks recently and we were literally climbing the walls in despair until Joao Da Mata returned from his world travels and found an incredible 356-1 Trixie at Scottsville on Sunday which lit up the day, and made our year.

IRC founder member Scott Ellis was ready to surrender to alcohol by last Saturday, a few of our members left the group (re-joined later), but Joao came to save our bacon with a truly terrific tipping feat just when things started to look dark.

Being a lay Catholic Priest (he’s shown his fake diploma on social media), we suspect that Joao finally gave his life to the Holy Mother, or approached the Pope himself for some divine help. Either that, or he traded his good soul to the devil himself – his Trixie was so good it had an almost macabre quality to it!

Jokes aside, we’re happy we’re back on track, and we were really pleased with not only the support from our members during our dry spell, but with their congratulatory messages afterwards, also the images of their wins, with investments raging from a single pound to 40 quid and more on the mentioned Trixie.

The IRC Members Club is for sophisticated bettors who enjoy, and, importantly, understand race and sports betting, its great thrills and its ups and downs.

We have interested newcomers asking for spreadsheets and “proof” of our success, some requesting “guarantees” before they join, some not prepared to part with as little as 5 pounds.

Truth is, we’d rather not have these petty cynics as members. While they may have had bad experiences with other tipsters (notably those who “BOOOOMM” every time they tip a 1-5 shot), and while tipsters in general seem to have a poor reputation, we prefer to deal with members who know what this is about.

Does anybody really think that we, or anyone, can have a 100% success rate in tipping winners? Are there actually people out there who believe that joining a tipping club will make them rich overnight?

We at IRC believe that we give our members the edge over time, because our experts are all of advanced experience in their respective fields, and you can google every one of them to confirm the respect they demand.

Supplying an edge is what we’re about, and, of course, the edge cannot be there for every bet. In the longer run, however, we win consistently and we have consistent fun in doing so.

The age-old betting principles apply today: DISCIPLINE, SELECTIVE BETTING and, perhaps most importantly, NOT DWELLING ON LOSERS! Betting is about ebb and flow, like the tides in poet Mathew Arnold’s Dover Beach. We, and you, will have winning runs, losing runs and “so-so” runs. In the end, it’s all about accepting, and enjoying, the gamblers’ lifestyle. We keep going, we celebrate the wins and take the knocks on the chin.

The legendary Arnold Palmer said about golf:  “It deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”

We love that quote, except that we’ll side with thoroughbred racing expert Steve Davidowitz’ assertion that, “(Betting horses) is the most intellectually challenging pastime man has ever invented!”

Palmer again: “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”

The most successful golfers of all time are the ones who can post an Eagle directly after a Double Bogey, simply because they leave their loss immediately behind them. They approach each new hole with a fresh perspective – a clean sheet.  Think about that, and try to apply the principle!

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