Volume of data can draw young fans to racing

While owners of middle-ranking horses – those that aren’t ‘Saturday types’ but keep the show on the road in the rest of the week – might not agree as they wrestle the economics of decreasing prize money, for the ‘data nut’ at least, there has never been a better time to develop a new, or expand an existing interest, in horse racing, writes GRAHAM NORTH on the Sporting Life website.

The world inside and outside the sport has changed irreversibly it would seem over the year, but one overwhelmingly positive development within racing, which has the potential to grow the sport’s appeal to a new audience, has been the explosion of timing data that is now accessible either in raw form on the websites of At The Races and Racing TV, or in a more interpretative format from Timeform.

The upside of this data eruption so far as attracting a new, younger audience is that complete novices no longer have to put in years of hard learning; they can establish a near-forensic understanding of how and why a race developed almost instantly. In fact, there’s so much data out there now that any analyst, handicapper, bloodstock agent, punter – anyone who has an analytical foot in the door in effect – who fails to embrace and incorporate this new information into their thinking even in part risks being left behind by those that do.

There are many ways to skin the proverbial ‘sectional cat’, of course.

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